Company Incorporation

There are corporate and non-corporate forms for companies under the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC), which states that companies may be established under the following types:

Corporate Forms

  • Joint Stock Company (JSC)
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Cooperative Company
Although some financial thresholds (i.e., minimum capital) and organs differ from each other, the procedures to be followed for establishing a JSC or an LLC are the same.

Non-Corporate Forms

  • Collective Company
  • Commandite Company
Although companies may be established according to these five different types, JSC and LLC are the most common types chosen both in the global economy and Turkey.

We provide the following services related to incorporation of company;

  • Preparation of company articles of association and establishment documents.
  • Application to the Chamber of Commerce, Tax Administration, Social Security Institution and other relevant authorities.
  • Accounting (including payroll), Tax Compliance Services and Reporting Services
  • Back Office Services.

Liaison Office Incorporation

Companies registered abroad may open liaison offices or branches in Turkey to promote their commercial activities. Liaison offices are not corporate tax payers and their employees are exempt from income tax.

In order to open a liaison office in Turkey, the legal entity must be incorporated in accordance with the laws of the foreign country and have a company status.

We provide the following services related to establishment of liaison offices in Turkey;

  • Ministry of Economy authorization applications.
  • Ministry of Economy authorization extension operations.
  • Accounting (including payroll), Tax Compliance and Reporting Services.
  • Back Office Services.
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